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At JMI Insurance, we understand the complexities of owning and running a mobile home park. This is why we’ve spent countless hours becoming Portland’s experts for mobile home park insurance. In most mobile home parks, the tenants own their mobile home while not actually owning the land the home is on. There are many risks involved for the land and park owner that may not always be obvious.Mobile Home Park Insurance

While the mobile home owner may have an insurance policy on their house, it’s the park owner’s obligation to insure the property itself and any buildings that may be owned by the park. The park owner may be liable for many events that happen within the park itself. There are too many events to list but may include things like slipping and falling, dog bites, tree branches falling, or even the sewer backing up. It might also include things that happen to park owned property such as vandalism, theft, and fire.

Here at JMI Insurance, we want to make sure your mobile home park is properly ensured so you can be confident that your investment and business will be up and running, regardless of unforeseen accidents and circumstances. Make sure to protect your business with mobile home park insurance from a company you can trust.