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Lathen Gorbett

Lathen Gorbett is JMI’s exclusive supplemental insurance policy and voluntary employee benefits representative. Lathen Gorbett specializes in supplemental insurance policy, voluntary employee benefits, business insurance, commercial insurance, recreational vehicle insurance and all types of auto insurance. Lathen Gorbett is a true Oregonian and enjoys working closely with clientele to make sure they have the right insurance policies, with the best coverage, at the lowest rates.

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Lathen Gorbett’s Personalized Service

Lathen Gorbett Aflac Portland OrLathen has lived in the Portland area his entire life and has a strong connection to the Portland community.  As an avid Oregonian, Lathen also enjoys supporting local businesses and show true loyalty to Portland by buying local whenever possible. This strong Northwest connection means you will receive the service you deserve. “I have a great relationship with all of my clients because I genuinely care about the strength of their company, as well as the individuals working for their company” said Lathen.

About Lathen Gorbett

Lathen Gorbett Aflac PortlandLathen is the husband to Anne Marie Gorbett and the father to Zoe Nava Gorbett. As an avid outdoor enthusiast, traveler, philanthropist and a person who is dedicated to his family, friends and community, Lathen knows how important it is to protect yourself and those you care about with financial security needed when accidents and sickness happen. The fact is, they do happen, and it’s usually when you least expect it. That’s when Lathen will be there to attend to your needs and assist in helping you through your financial struggles that too many families are not prepared for.

Local, Reliable & Consistent

Lathen Gorbett Aflac Portland OregonLathen saw an opportunity to work with and help the business community in Portland. Lathen enjoys working with a “consistent and stable company” to provide companies the insurance and voluntary employee benefits they need. “This creates a great deal of validity for me, that I am doing the right thing for people” said Lathen. Please contact Lathen Gorbett to find out more about how to provide affordable benefits to your employees, with no cost to the business owner, or for more information on direct policies that can protect your family. “I know that I am happy with the security I have in place for my family, and I’m sure that you will too”

Your First & Only Choice For Insurance

Q: Why is JMI Insurance the best choice for insurance?

A: As an independent insurance agency we do not work for the insurance carriers, we work for you the customer. We all take insurance for granted, but when it comes time to make a claim, we want to be covered. Insurance can be confusing, but it does not have to be that way. We are always here to explain your coverage and to find a policy to suit your exact needs. We take the time to make sure you’re covered with a policy that not only fits your exacting requirements, but your pocket books as well. We do business with many different insurance carriers so we can find the best insurance for you, at a price more competitive than any non-independent insurance agency! Give us a try and you can have a friend in the insurance industry!

Contact Lathen Gorbett: 503-891-9311