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Choosing the right motorcycle insurance is important and we have the experience Portland Motorcycle Insuranceto help ensure your policy covers everything you need.  Not every motorcycle is the same and they aren’t all used for the same purpose.  The way a bike is used can make a huge difference when selecting your policy.

There are many forms of motorcycles in use today.  When people hear the word motorcycle, they usually imagine a street bike or chopper.  But there are also other forms of motorcycles such as dirt bikes.  Now obviously these types of bikes are used  in different places and in very different ways.  So why should they have the same insurance policy?

Choose the Right Policy

At JMI, we have over 30 years of experience in helping motorcycle riders select the appropriate policy for their motorcycle.  We have policies that will cover your chopper as you ride down the road with your buddies.  We also have policies that will cover your dirt bike as you ride through the forest or do a backflip off a jump at the local track.  For help selecting the right motorcycle insurance policy, contact JMI today.  We also offer Portland Commercial Insurance and Restaurant Insurance policies.