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Getting the correct Portland Business insurance to suit your needs can be a confusing ordeal. There are a lot of incidents that may potentially happen which you may think your insurance covers. If something happens that is not covered under your policy, it’s too late to go back and have it covered. When this happens, the monetary set-backs can be quite significant, potentially crippling your business or personal financial foundation.

Sometimes business owners believe their coverage will cover all aspects of their business, while not realizing they need one or more additional types. General liability insurance is great, should someone get hurt while on your property, but what if they were harmed by a product of yours while off your premises? Without product liability insurance, the damages may need to be covered from money out of your pocket.

Maybe you are running a business out of your home? You may think since you are not sending out any products and because you have a homeowner’s policy that you are completely fine. If you are offering some type of service, such as massage therapy out of your home, additional coverage is still needed. Since you are performing a service, if your client is hurt on account of your actions, you are not covered. Getting professional liability insurance will protect you should any unfortunate mishaps occur.

Surviving an incident monetarily is possible without coverage, but recovering the financial impacts of the incident may take quite some time. Having the proper insurance can be the difference between continuing business as usual and potential bankruptcy. So find an company experienced in Portland Business Insurance to discuss any oversights that you may have made while setting up insurance on your property.