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JMI Insurance and our agents have been providers of commercial insurance for over 30 years. We’ve had experience with every type of business there is and know how to customize a policy for you and your business.

When choosing a policy and coverage, it’s important to insure more than just the basics. Each business and industry has its own unique and specific procedures, products and opportunities for problems. We help business owners pinpoint the possible problems that may arise within their own business. It’s important to have an agent who will provide you with more than just a standard policy based on a general assumption that all businesses are the same.

Take an auto-repair shop and compare it to a restaurant. Completely different, right? Exactly. Why would you want a policy that covers general aspects of both, but doesn’t take into account the specifics of each one? JMI makes it a priority to ensure that the restaurant insures exactly what it needs to, while helping the auto-repair shop do the same. That general policy will probably not cover the restaurant for problems it may run into, and the same goes for the repair shop.

You deserve an agent that will take the time to help you evaluate your needs. Our commercial insurance agents are happy to help you and are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and policies in the industry.