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Stated Value Auto Insurance

We specialize in stated value auto insurance. Our experienced agents have worked in the stated value auto insurance industry for over 30 years. This extensive experience means you get the right insurance policies for the right price.

Stated Value Auto Insurance Policies

Stated Value Auto Insurance Portland Oregon

JMI Insurance is a local, independent Portland insurance agency that is dedicated to providing customers with the insurance coverage that they deserve and can depend on. One of the things we specialize in that most insurance agencies don’t offer is stated value insurance. We are committed to making the process of finding exceptional insurance as straightforward and convenient as possible.

Protection You Can Count On

Stated Value Auto Insurance Portland

At JMI Insurance, we aim to give our customers as many options as possible when it comes to choosing an insurance policy. There are so many policies out there that it can be very confusing to choose one. That is why our experienced and professional insurance agents have access to more than 15 distinguished insurance providers. We can sort through all of the different policies and find the one that best suits you. We also offer stated value insurance, which can be useful for certain situations. If you have a collector car or a vehicle that has been significantly modified or restored the value of your car can actually appreciate rather than depreciate over time. In this situation, the stated value would then be higher than the actual cash value of your vehicle. You always want to do plenty of research when it comes to making an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s value before considering stated value insurance. There are many services out there that give accurate appraisals for vehicles.

Local & Reliable

Portland Stated Value Auto Insurance

As an independent agency, we are not obligated to work for the insurance carriers and providers. We always make decisions based on our customer’s best interests. If you call us, you will never be put on hold for long periods of time or be forced to talk to a recorded voice message system; you will talk to one of our courteous insurance agents in Portland, Oregon. They will hear you out and listen attentively, and will be able to guide you through any problems you may be having or address any questions you have about your stated value policy.

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We are excited to be one of the most trusted insurance agencies in Portland. Contact us by phone or online to get a free Portland auto insurance quote.